Team 2374 is an extracurricular organization at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon. It is registered with FIRST. The Crusaderbots compete annually in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The team was founded in 2007 by Nik Bowen, now an alumnus, and Dr. Catherine Molloseau, Ph.D, former physics teacher at Jesuit High School. Now in its fifth season, the team consists of approximately 30 members and is under the direction of Mr. Dan Calkins. We are sponsored by Jesuit High School. Our motto is “A Posse ad Esse,” meaning “From Possibility to Actuality.”

Wilsonville Competition Group Pic
Wilsonville Competition 2015

Team 2374 meets 2 to 5 hours per week for three days of the week during the fall season and 8 to 15 hours per week for six days of the week during the winter season in a dedicated shop on the campus of Jesuit High School. The team now works from new Elorriaga Center for Math and Science. Team 2374, though busiest during the build season, keeps busy during the rest of the year by working on various projects such as the T-shirt cannon, the BunnyBot Competition, and the Girls Generation Competition.

Team 2374’s recent accomplishments include the following:

  • 2015 Bunnybots - The Crusaderbots were the first pick of a finalist alliance at the 2015 Bunnybots competition
  • 2015 Business Roundtable - The Crusaderbots were represented at the 2015 business round table
  • 2015 Girls Gen Champions - We were members of the winning alliance at the 2015 Girls Gen Competiton
  • 2014 Business Roundtable - Six team members attended the FIRST Business Roundtable, where they conferenced about public relations, fundraising, and FIRST awards.
  • 2014 Autodesk Student Expert - Our team sent three students to participate in the Autodesk Student Expert program where they learned and aided other students with CAD and Fusion 360 software programs.
  • 2014 District - We did a study on safety levels in the competition arena and upon finding dangerously high decibel levels, we provided people with ear plugs.
  • 2013 Xerox Creativity award - We shared innovative technology by demonstrating to other teams at regional events how 3D printers can be useful in various robotics component applications.
  • 2013 Semifinals at competition – In both our regionals, we were chosen to be in an alliance at semifinals.
  • 2013 NASA Sustaining Grant awarded $5000 to continue program despite hard economic times taking away several sponsors
  • Team’s demonstrated passion for STEM led to a new robotics lab located in the Science and Math building in the center of campus in 2010.
  • For the second year students from Edison High School joined our team. This high school is located within Jesuit’s campus and is dedicated to meeting special education needs of Learning Disabled (LD) teens.

The historical impact of Team 2374’s program includes:

  • 100% of seniors who graduate from the program have attended universities.
  • 97% of these graduates are pursuing STEM fields of study
  • Several alumni have volunteered to mentor other robotics teams while attending college full time.
  • Team members have received internships from partner companies such as Autodesk, Vernier Software Co., Triggerfinger Software Co, and others.
  • Graduating team members have been recipients of FIRST scholarships.
  • The leadership skills gained by team members are now life skills used in university research, jobs and within the community.