Pathfinding Mission Group

Naviya Venkitesh and Nathan Timmins

Jesuit Robotics: Crusaderbots 2374


This group is a first step towards training our next generation of female team members to promote and prepare for Girls Gen. Our goal with instituting an all inclusive sector to our robotics team is to give better opportunity to minorities, people of color, and those seeking for a more inclusive and positive environment to learn about FIRST and practice designing, execution, and the testing of robots. Promoting a cohort for women and those seeking inclusion to express themselves and design, create, and test a robot of their own will empower them to lead robotics into a more diverse and inclusive future. A smaller group of team members can role model inclusion & demonstrate how healthy and positive interactions can lead to better results. This next generation of leaders will be able to move at a slower pace, learn from other teams, and build towards a more successful future.


  1. To provide the opportunity to excel in designing, implementing, and testing a robot in a less stressful manner, not confined to the normal 6-week build season
  2. To give all members a cohort that supports their education in STEAM ensuring that all have input
  3. To enable the development of youth prepared to lead with an all-embracing mindset
  4. To encourage first-year students’ involvement in the robotics program

Recommendation and Benefits

The recommendation is the institution of a group of young leaders which is an extension of the original team. This smaller group will provide for an inclusive and diverse environment, which will model the positive and healthy interactions on a team. The new generation of leaders will, during Bunnybots, build their own robot, ensuring the intimacy of being hands-on during the event. After Bunnybots, preferred portions will become their subject matter of expertise. This will ensure that the future leaders group will be aligned with the original team’s ideals during build season as well as have the ability to observe and learn from other teams for improvement of the future. After competition season, the team will be able to further expand their knowledge of robotics into preparation for the Girl’s Gen Competition.

The benefits to this program are:

  1. Empowering and supporting girls and minorities in STEAM
  2. Training first-years in a more in-depth and individualized manner
  3. Learning and observing the strengths and weaknesses of other teams and build off of them
  4. Training future leaders on the value of inclusivity and proper behavior
  5. Providing for a smaller group that enables a more intimate learning experience

Basic Logistics

Our goals are to create a more inclusive robotics and to ensure that rookies are able to train, learn, and implement all the skills of building a robot in a span

What is this group?

The Girls Gen Pathfinding Missions group is an expansion of the original team, Team 2374. It specializes in training the future leaders of robotics and encouraging diversity and inclusion in STEAM.

Who can be a part of this group?

In short, everyone. This group promotes diversity regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexuality.

Does this group participate in the primary build and competition season?

Yes, the members of this group will participate in the main competition and build season, as well as the off-season preparation for Girls Gen.

How does this group encourage rookies?

This proposal offers a new, more thorough method of training for rookies. Instead of quickening the training process of rookies, this cohort is designed to train rookies in all aspects, technical and non-technical in addition to the two week training received on safety.

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