2013 Ultimate Ascent

Ultimate Ascent consisted of robots shooting frisbees and climbing pyramids.  But mostly shooting frisbees.

Due to our experience with shooters in 2012, our team (decimated by the loss of several senior powerhouses) drastically overestimated the difficulty of accurately shooting discs.  As a result, we decided instead to create the fastest 30-pt climber in the Pacific Northwest: the Centaur of Gravitar.

At our 2nd regional (Spokane), the C of G performed splendidly.  Our drive team, assisted by a quick upgrade to our stationary climber arms, perfected the climb-and-dump technique, placing the C of G among a select few robots that successfully completed 50-point climbs.

As such, our robot was a crowd favorite, and our unique design and strategy earned us a Xerox Creativity Award.

Overall, the C of G helped us achieve our best qualification rankings thus far: 15th in Oregon and 9th in Spokane.