Useful Links

The FRC Website:

The official First Robotics Competition website. Check here if you want to learn more about FIRST, it's mission, and the many programs it runs. They also host many technical resources related to FRC.

The Blue Alliance:

The best website to use for scouting and watching old matches, and is offical.

Chief Delphi:

The official unofficial forum for the FRC community. In line with the ideal of Gracious Professionalism, Chief Delphi is a way to reach out to other teams for help and chit-chat. An excellent place to look if you aren't sure how to do something.

WPI ThinkTank:

A collection of articles and presentations on everything related to FRC. These don't cover only the technical aspect of FRC, but topics like leadership, marketing, and outreach as well.

The Autodesk Website:

A list of all Autodesk products with tutorials and downloads.