Mission Statement


To excite students to the possibilities in Science, Technology, Engineering,and Math (STEM). We strive to promote the creativity of all students to thrive and grow in an educational environment through our program. To inspire students to work with their peers to become teachers and leaders. To commit to being a student led team. 

A Posse ad Esse: From Possibility to Actuality - we celebrate our successes, learn from our failures and make our dreams real.


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Our Story

Early Years

 Team 2374, the Jesuit Crusaderbots, was founded in 2007 when Nik Bowen, a Jesuit student, approached Dr. Catherine Molloseau, a physics teacher, proposing the possibility of a robotics team after he attended a week-long leadership program in Boston, which included a section on robotics. An informational meeting was held at Jesuit to determine the student body's interest in a potential robotics program. 

There were 38 students in attendance. As part of the meeting, Dale Yocum, robotics program director at Catlin Gabel, gave a presentation on the FIRST robotics competition, shared video clips of the 2007 National competition, and demonstrated their robot. Interested students composed a proposal to start a team which was presented and approved by the Jesuit Administration. 

The result of a follow up parent meeting was the creation of FIRST Team 2374. The Catlin Gabel Robotics, Team 1540, was our “team mentor”, working closely with us our rookie year. Together we initiated the Bunnybots competition, a small-scale robotics competition primarily for rookie members of a team to gain experience. The team met and built their first robot in a physics classroom, until year two where they moved to an English classroom. During the early years of the team, there were minimal tools and equipment.

Where We are Now

 In 2009, Dan Calkins became the Physics teacher at Jesuit High School and a robotics club coach. That same year the team migrated to an unseated storage shed, our first dedicated work space. The team worked all summer to get the shop ready for the coming season. 

In 2011, because of the team’s demonstrated passion, we were awarded a dedicated shop space in the school’s new Elorriaga Center for Science and Mathematics in the center of campus. 

Now, the team uses the storage shed, referred to as the “lower shop”, for field space and extra storage. The “upper shop”, in the Elorriaga Center, is the primary base of operations for mechanical, software, and electrical projects. Each year, our team has grown in knowledge and experience, and we won’t stop growing.

Past Admin Teams

2019 - 2020 Admin Team

2019 - 2020 Admin Team

2019 - 2020 Admin Team

 Connor Fadden - Team Captain

Nathan Timmins - Deputy

Jack Milne - Mechanical Lead

Nicolas Espinoza - Software Lead

Jerome Petrin - Electrical Lead

Charlene de la Paz - 

Director of Marketing

2018 - 2019 Admin Team

2019 - 2020 Admin Team

2019 - 2020 Admin Team

 James Martini - Team Captain

Connor Fadden - Mechanical Lead

Jack Milne - Mechanical Lead

Nicolas Espinoza - Software Lead

Jerome Petrin - Co-Electrical Lead

Andres Raphael - Co-Electrical Lead

Lucas Yao - Director of Outreach

Nathan Timmins - Chief of Finance

2017 - 2018 Admin Team

2019 - 2020 Admin Team

2017 - 2018 Admin Team

 Lissette Wilhelm - Team Captain

Alec Schuler - Chief of Design

SJ Beaman - Mechanical Lead

Carter Strear - Software Lead

Katya Rott - Electrical Lead